We Create our Tomorrows

There have been many times that I have heard someone say something along the line of their inabilities to achieve what they what they want or they think they want because of “their past.” I love this quote below because it’s so true… another quote I like is:

“Successful people don’t make excuses they make progress” said by Chris Hogan, who is a financial expert and Chief Strategist: Retirement, Business & Leadership for Dave Ramsey… Something that we should all keep in mind on our path to success.

I first learnt about Dave Ramsey when he came to the church I attend. This was about 6 years ago. I was still new to the church and new to the idea of becoming responsible in all aspects of life. If you struggle with money management or if you have interest in money management at all I definitely will recommend that you do some reading. Mr. Ramsey is a very smart man and didn’t become a Financial Expert for no reason!

If your like me and don’t have much time for reading here is a link to his talk show¬†https://www.daveramsey.com/show/radio/


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